Ctchouse is a community where people can earn 100% profit per month

Ctchouse is a community where people can earn 100% profit per month



Q_1: What is CTC & Ctchouse?

Ans: CTC is similar to physical currencies such as dollars or coins (CTC is automatically transfered to BTC without any fees), however, what makes it distinct is that it allows for instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer of ownership. As all the payments are processed through secured servers, so that users no need to worry about any risk involved, it is the most user-friendly system that allows your trust and control over it. CTC is accessible and available wherever and whenever you are in need, no limits, no boundaries, which means you can transfer CTC to your friends and family directly without any fees. Ctchouse is not a bank, online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. Ctchouse is a community where people help each other for changing their financial condition. Ctchouse is a global mutual aid fund, financial social network. Ctchouse has its own website which connects participants who want to create "CTC_Help" request with those who need "CTC_Get" request. The participants transfer BTC to each other. There aren’t any obligations and guarantees. Ctchouse gives you a technical platform which helps millions of its participants. All funds you transfer to another participant represent "CTC_Help" request and other participants transfer to you represent "CTC_Get" request.

Q_2: What was Ctchouse created for?

Ans: The aim of Ctchouse is to encourage the people to provide financial help to each other and change in this way the character of financial relations among people throughout the modern world. Unlike charity organizations that offer help to people who got into trouble, Ctchouse promotes mutual help — everybody is helped and everybody helps by creating "CTC_Help" request and "CTC_Get" request.

Q_3: How can I trust Ctchouse?

Ans: We have been in business since 2018 and are one of the most popular bitcoin earning website. Ctchouse is not a bank, online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. Ctchouse is a community where people help each other for changing their financial condition. Ctchouse gives you a technical platform which helps millions of its participants. All funds you transfer to other participant or participants represent "CTC_Help" request and "CTC_Get" request.

Q_4: Who can join in CTC Community?

Ans: Any person of legal age is able to join the CTC Community. There is an absolutely equal attitude to members of different age and social groups, work status & political backgrounds, countries & religions. The participants are asked only to follow the recommendations and avoid enriching themselves at the expense of others.

Q_5: What is "CTC_Help" program?

Ans: Go to signup button and register for a CTC account by clicking on the “SIGNUP” button which is free through a phone, tablet or a computer. When registering for an account, you will be a member of Ctchouse.com website. Now your CTC account will be ready for login. When logged into your account, go to the navigation bar and click on the "CTC_Help" button. The "CTC_Help" page will give you options to create "CTC_Help" request. Firstly, you have to create a "CTC_Help" payment request and wait 1-48 hours to get a BTC wallet address (Another participant provides this BTC wallet address). Secondly, you have to send BTC to that BTC wallet address within 72 hours and confirm it by Transaction/Hash ID. (If you do not send your requested "CTC_Help" payment within 72 hours, your CTC account will be removed from the System!). When you complete your requested "CTC_Help" payment, other Participant will confirm it as soon as possible (within 24 hours). Now you are a proud owner of CTC. After completing this process, you have to complete the "Daily Task" in every day for getting a 3.33% profit (100% profit per month). You can create "CTC_Help" payment request only through Ctchouse.com. Never through any other website.

Q_6: How To Earn CTC?

Ans: 9 ways to earn CTC..... (6 ways are now running)
(i) By Creating "CTC_Help" Request :
(ii) Free Earning :
(iii) Referral Commission :
(iv) Monthly Referral Contest :
(v) Campaign :
(vi) Representative :
(vii) Weekly Lottery (Starting Soon) :
(vii) Multiply CTC (Coming Soon) :
(vii) Subscription Method (Coming Soon) :
More earning features will be added day by day in Ctchouse

Q_7: How To Withdraw CTC?

Ans: You can withdraw CTC to your BTC wallet address by creating "CTC_Get" payment request (CTC is automatically transfered to BTC without any fees). Another participant confirms your requested "CTC_Get" payment as soon as possible (Participants transfer BTC to each other directly, without intermediaries!). Your requested payment is directly added to your main BTC wallet address (Blockchain/Coinbase/Other BTC wallet account). Minimum requested "CTC_Get" payment is 10.00000000 CTC.

Q_8: I have received referral commissions. Can I use it for withdrawal("CTC_Get")?

Ans: Yes, the majority of bonuses in Ctchouse is referral commissions, which means they can become part of the margin requirement if no alternative terms have been specified.

Q_9: Does Ctchouse run any contests?

Ans: We offer contests for our proud users. They will get 1,000 CTC from monthly referral contest. Currently, only monthly referral contest is running. We will add more contest in near the future.

Q_10: Where can I check my activity on this website?

Ans: After login your CTC account, by clicking on "CTC History" and "CTC HELP" earning sections in the Dashboard menu.

Q_11: Why do I need to register?

Ans: By registering you gain access to various options and opportunities on the platform. You will never miss the best offer and discount with our newsletters!

Q_12: Is My Account Information Secure?

Ans: Yes, all Your information is 100% safe and secure on our website, also the payment processing is highly encrypted providing further protection to our information database. If you have any concern regarding our protection system, please visit our Privacy Policy to learn more about information security at Ctchouse.

Q_13: How can I keep my CTC account secure?

Ans: By using a strong password, not re-using the same password on any other website and not sharing your password with anybody else. We recommend using a password manager like LastPass to create and store your passwords. If you do not use these security practices and your account gets hacked, we shall not be able to help you. Because Ctchouse is a participant to participant BTC transfer platform.

Q_14: What is KYC and what is it for?

Ans: KYC (“know your client/customer/counterparty”) and AML (“anti-money laundering”) are two key elements of modern legal compliance processes. These disclosures serve several purposes: imposed by regulators, they help to avoid questionable funding from dictatorship regimes, bribe money and drug dealing operations. It is worth knowing that project initiators are not hiding behind fake personalities.

Q_15: I have lost/wish to reset my password?

Ans: Please go to the login page and click on the link that says Forgot Password in the login box.

Q_16: What is a referral link?

Ans: The referral link is the invite’s analog, but it is more convenient to attract new members through the Internet. A person coming to the system through your referral link will be automatically redirected to Ctchouse register page. After registering he automatically becomes your referral. Afterward, you can receive referral bonuses from all contributions he/she makes.

Q_17: Do you have a referral programme?

Ans: Yes, we have several types of referral programmes. The basic programme is designed for attracting clients online. There is also a special offer for partners who want to open a representative office or a call-center and acquire clients both online and offline. We pay up to 50% of referral commissions. The amount of these payments depends on your referrals.

Q_18: Who are referrers and referrals?

Ans: A referrer is a participant of the CTC Community who invited other participants. A referral is someone who was invited. If you registered a new participant or he registered himself by your invitation code, then you’re a referrer, and he is your referral. You can see the list of your referrals in "My Referral" section (there may be many of them). Any newcomer who came through your referral link will be directed to the registration page of Ctchouse.com website, where he will be automatically considered your referral. Your referral link can be found “My Referral” section and in the “Dashboard” section. To place your referral link on other Internet resources you must copy it in the body of the message.

Q_19: What does 'invite' mean?

Ans: This is a verbal invitation code from a participant of Ctchouse, owing to which he can invite other people into the CTC Community and get a referral bonus. For this purpose, newcomer writes an invite of inviting the person in the appropriate section of the registration form. From that moment on, he becomes your referral. To get a personal invite, go to “My Referral” section. To attract new members by using the invite there are many possibilities depending on personal creativity and imagination. The most popular of them are:

  • handing out business cards.

  • distribution of leaflets and booklets.

  • participating in the online forums for advertising and shopping sites, personal sites and blogs.

  • supporting any distributed promo-advertising materials with the text “by registering in Ctchouse, please use my invite”.

  • the opening of CTC clubs in your city.

  • charity activity on the behalf of the CTC Community.....etc

  • Q_20: What does mean Representative of Ctchouse?

    Ans: Representative means that an agent of Ctchouse who have more than 50 referrals.

    Q_21: How can I be a Representative and what is the benefits?

    Ans: When you will have more than 50 referrals, you can apply for the representative of Ctchouse. If you select as a representative, we will notify you via your registered email. Of all representative will get representative bonus minimum of $100 and a maximum $10,000 every month for their activity.
    Application for Representative, please click on the "Representative" section.

    Q_22: How can I contact you?

    Ans: By filling the contact us form (CLICK HERE). Please read the questions above before sending us an email. We receive hundreds of emails every day and do not have the resources to reply to all of them, so we have a policy of not responding to emails asking questions that have already been answered on this page.

    If you have more questions, you are welcome to contact us without any hesitation.
    Click Here for Contact Us


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